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I cant stop thinking...I just cant get you out of my head...=( I dont wanna think about it the whole time...I cant even cry anymore...I wish I could just forget about it for a while...or...better...have you back =(

I listen to songs, and they all remind me of something we did...or they say stuff that fits to how I can i not think about it then! I dont know what you're doing right now, I dont know if you think about me...or about her...I dont know if you miss me =( You could be with her, and saying stuff to her that you always said to could do stuff with her that we used to could have fun with her, like we used to...=( I CANT let you go, I dont want to lose you...So much has happened...and i never wanted it to happen...i never wanted it to end...and i thought...there wouldnt be an im here...staring at this messenger...and wish i would just not be there anymore...

I know, YOU will never read this...but if you do..sometime...whatever...I love you =(

24.2.07 22:05

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